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for their rights within our own republic. mr. obama has transferred his views to the palestinian struggle. he has done this on several occasions. noting that the palestinians fight for their rights. i find that obama's reading of history, the painful memory of burning cities. it was also at the heart of the african-american struggle for their rights. i grew up in this era. and i think that we will remember if we delve into our memories of the president in 1968, lyndon johnson, could not employ the 82nd airborne in vietnam. though he wanted to. because it was in detroit. palestinians are not fighting for their rights. they have their rights. they are inalienable. even to them, as it says in the declaration of independence. they are inalienable by god. it is an entirely different kind of a struggle than a struggle for rights. the struggle for freedom includes a different kind of tactic. especially when those engaged by lunch counter citizens or bust boycotts. so let's be blunt about this trouble. violence is a fact of history. it is certainly not lost on the palestinians of the west bank. there is
to acknowledge clearly iran's right to enrich uranium on its own soil. even if the obama administration and the rumors they are thinking of doing this after they are like good horse to offer iran a bigger carrot as if the iranians were donkeys, and a final shot at diplomacy, there is no indication that the obama administration is willing to clearly recognize iran's right to enrich uranium on its own soil. and therefore there won't be a deal. even if there is no deal and iran doesn't collapse, some policy elite continue to posit the sanctions and their version of diplomacy is all worth it. it's worth it in the end because iranians, middle eastern public will come to see that iran's suffering an inability to get a deal on the nuclear issue is the iranian government's fault. and therefore would be understandable and even justified for the united states in the end to strike iran militarily. we should have no illusions about the strategic consequences of an overworked with the islamic republic. any new over use of u.s. force to disarm yet another middle eastern state of weapons of mass destr
capital formation. the current tax rate dividends are% out i guess you can see right there 15 f. obama has this way, almost tripling the dividend tax increase. it's going to be about 50% or so increase the tax-free capital gains. if you love or the tax tax return on investing, you're basically going to love her the amount of investment taking place. so we have to resolve issues, which basically confront us and probably nothing's going to happen until november 6 received a leader of the country and who controls congress. these are factors we have to worry about. now my observation was to go back early into my career. i say that what the big smile and certain sense of modesty, but i got my mba from columbia in january 311967. fas child was at business school for six months old when i graduated. i had no money in the bank like national defense education and student loans to repay. so i'm sure you've learned if you have liability no asset to make it if not worse. i hope you are not an basically had no choice but to go to work immediately. the very next day, february 1st 1967 i thought of my go
and expand on them. >> obama himself has not interpreted it as saying that we have the right to be maki said that we have the power, but i won't do it. >> i don't think that's quite accurate. it's a very vague sentence in the bill, it said any more power that is specifically about foreign terrorists, that they have the right to take american citizens willy-nilly indefinitely. having said that, there really isn't a singular liberal foreign policy. there are different strains in both parties and both ideologies. there are some people on the left who are angry at obama for the things the state and the things that have to do with the extensions of bush. some don't see it that way. there's a big difference between obama's foreign policy and bush's foreign policy. the civil liberties, obama in the back, now, individual circumstances that are being pointed to, i don't think they have been verified yet. and that is that individuals may do bad things. no human rights organization is saying that that was ended. on the broader foreign policy question, i think it is a huge earth shattering difference th
and i think i felt the process go forward. so it's not just surprises. it's how you react to a 60 obama administration did a great job on burma. >> for the first time in my life, i think i'll probably just listen and observe. my staff is gone i cannot believe it. chris is right and these are good people and you hate to put them through having to work for people like ice, but still. i will say talk about strategic surprises. i never in a million years thought i would come home to my daughter's all doing this cowboy south korean tribe around my living room, singing a korean song called style. i didn't think i would have been. >> were going to go to the next part, which are questions. i don't know physicality of giving time constraints. i can see how far the line goes back. if you can state who you are and if possible address or wishing to one of our participants, others may chime in. please make your question concise. >> hello, and director of nuclear proliferation at the center for arms control and proliferation. thank you first ball of your expert insights on this excellent program. i m
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5